Event and Lodging Fees

Site Fees
Daytrip: $25
One Night: $30
Two Nights/Weekend: $35

Members receive a $5 discount

Lodging Fees (for the entire weekend, not per night)
Cabins - sleep 6 - 16; restroom in cabin
Upper Bunk: $15
Lower Bunk: $20

Lodges - sleep 8 - 10; restroom and kitchenette in lodge
Upper Bunk: $20
Lower Bunk: $25

A map is available on the Site Information page that shows the locations of the cabins/lodges.

Full Feast: $15 (Friday Travel Fare, Breakfast, Lunch and Feast)
Lunch Only: $5

Reserve online at www.trimaris.org/epay
Reservations open on September 9th, 2017 at 9am EST