Event and Lodging Fees

Site Fees
Daytrip: $25                                                                                                                   
One Night: $30
Two Nights/Weekend: $35
Members receive a $5 discount
Children under 17 are free (site fees only)

*No family shall pay more than the equivalent of three (3) adult site fees. Family is defined as adults and their minor children. This applies to site fees only and does not include feast or cabin space.

Lodging Fees (for the entire weekend, not per night)
Cabins - sleep 6 - 16; restroom in cabin
Upper Bunk: $15
Lower Bunk: $20

Lodges - sleep 8 - 10; restroom and kitchenette in lodge
Upper Bunk: $20
Lower Bunk: $25

A map is available on the Site Information page that shows the locations of the cabins/lodges.

Above the Salt Feast: $10 (Friday Travel Fare, Breakfast, and Above the Salt Feast)
Below the Salt Feast:  $6 (Friday Travel Fare, Breakfast, and Below the Salt Feast)
Lunch Only: $5

Reservations are open!