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Il Ridotto

We Welcome you to the House of Chance

May Lady Luck adore you this night!

In the evening following Crown Lyste, it is Our great honor to invite you all to Il Ridotto!
There will be games of chance that may bring great fortune your way.
There will be food and drink and song and laughter!

You do not have coin that you do not love so dearly that you are willing to wager it in good fun? Do not fear. We will have coin for all! We do not think the Pope will mind that we share with Our beloved people in the spirit of fun instead of sending such a large tribute to Rome. The coins of the evening will be given to all who attend to join in on the fun. Should you wish to play more, Our Barons and Baronesses will have special quests for you should you seek them out. Successful completion of the tasks that they ask of you will be rewarded handsomely! For your efforts to the Hands of the Crown, your purse will be heavy when you arrive for the games.

We wish you luck that your purse remains so!

Each of the tokens that you arrive with will be able to be exchanged for 4 tokens for the table at which you would like to play! We wish for the evening to be much fun for all for the entire night.

For any who wish to be on the side of "The House", please contact your Baron or Baroness to let them know you are able to help!

There will also be a CONTEST at the Ridotto!

Should you use your coins to purchase food and drink at the Ridotto, We are allowing your coins to cast your vote! The Barons and Baronesses of the lands of Trimaris will be bringing their most delectable offerings for your pleasure. The ones that sell the most, and thus prove they are the culinary masters of the evening shall be Our Winners!

 Although the original Il Ridotto was in Venice, rather than Our beloved Milan, in the spirit of camaraderie, We invite you to celebrate their history, as well. Should you wish to honor the traditions of our Venetian brethren and come masked to Our Ridotto, We will love to see your creations!

Italian History

The modern term for a gambling house comes from Our Italian forefathers. "Casino" is literally a diminutive for of the Italian word for "house" or "casa". Thus, "The House" rules and "The House" wins are quite literal translations.