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Fiber Expo

New? We really want you too! No experience necessary, newcomers and new fiber addicts alike are invited to come explore the stringy side of things for a social, hands-on day of fun.

While we have a few specific youth activities, many of our stations are also youth friendly. Simply check the description below.

12:00 - Valeria Victoria - Making a beginning drop spindle
1:00 - Iarlaith ni Fionnallain - Introduction to Canvaswork Embroidery
2:00 - Mistress Signy Ottarsdottir - Hand Sewing - Taking your Obsession Anywhere
3:00 - HL Lars Knarrarrsmidr - 4 harness variations: twill, double and tube demonstrated.

Specific Youth Activities:
Whipcord station
Fingerloop braiding
Embroidery on Aida

Hands-on all-day demos:
Bayeux Stitch Embroidery
work on our new kingdom tapestry panel! No experience required
Offered by Mistress Milesenda de Bourges

Needle Felting
Learn how to felt 3D sculptural objects with wool and felting needles. (Youth friendly 12 and up)
Offered by Mistress Milesenda de Bourges

Spinning with a spinning wheel
See a demo on dressing a distaff with both wool and flax and learn the basics of spinning on a wheel (youth friendly)
Offered by Mistress Alexis Macallister 

Embroidery on Aida cloth
Learn basic embroidery on counted or even-weave fabric (youth friendly)
Offered by Mistress Gwenhwfyr ber Cain

Weaving, weaving, and some more weaving
Inkle weaving, card weaving, rigid heddle weaving, toy loom weaving, and basic tapestry weaving. (youth friendly)
Offered by Mistress Gwenhwfyr ber Cain

Blackwork Embroidery
Get started in the intricate and beautiful art of blackwork embroidery (youth friendly - 12 and over)
Offered by Lady Anitra

Taka Dai braid weaving
This ancient Japanese art creates beautiful braiding and cording (youth friendly)
Offered by Mistress Caitlin Dubhgaill

A survey of fiber types
Wool? Silk? Linen? What's the difference!  Find out with an expert. (youth friendly)
Offered by Mistress Caitlin Dubhgaill

Whip cord - a thread-swinging good time (youth friendly)
Learn the fascinating and energetic art that is whip cord making. 

Seam Finishing
How to make the seams of your garb finished and beautifully decorative
Offered by Mistress Melangell merch Mariot

Canvas Work - a la Mary Queen of Scotts (youth friendly)
This patterned and beautiful embroidery technique brings later period embroidery to life
Offered by Iarlaith ni Fionnallain

Two heddle loom weaving
A foray into a second heddle on your loom
Offered by Lord Jean-Ettienne du Norduvest

Wet wool felting
Get messy, get wet, get down in the wool! (offered periodically throughout the day)
Offered by Mistress Alexis Macallister

Celtic embroidery
Making gorgeous celtic designs with your string
Offered by HL Eithne Ingen Muirgein

On-going demonstrations:
Drawn Thread-Work and Needle Lace
See the techniques of drawn thread work and needle lace
Offered by Lady Adelina de Bretigny

Blackwork demonstration and stitching
See blackwork projects progressing
Offered by Baroness Guiliana del Chiaro

Interlaced Herringbone and complex Embroidery
Interlaced Herringbone stitch and other complex needle work 
Offered by Mistress Safiya bint Suleiman

Bobbin Lace
Watch Bobbin Lace being formed and give it a try yourself
offered by Mistress Valeria Serena Ongaro

Sit and stitch:
Both our brand new Trimaris History tapestry and the Peerage tapestry kits will be available for that wish to stitch and work together

Sit and Fiber:
Everyone is also welcome to bring current projects, socialize, and share.