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Crown Lyst Entrants

Hail and well met all ye who shall soon bear witness unto Valor, Prowess, Courtesy, and Kinship!

All pay heed this day to the spirit of such virtues as will be displayed upon a field of tourney at Martinmas Moot to strengthen our lands with worthy heirs won by right of arms. The nobles who strive for victory are as follows:

•Yoan Moon Yang - Consort: Erzabet
•Theron Andronikos - Consort:Lady Eericka Valdemarsdotter
•Logan the Gardener - Consort:Melanya Volodymyrvicha
•Davius Saint Jacques - Consort: Ari Tyrbrandr
•Lorcann an Dubhgall - Consort: Grainne Ingen Anloin Meic Cerbaill
•Hywel Ap Wyn - Consort: Orlaith of Gryffyn
•Vincent Furnier - Consort: Catherine Furnier
•Solen Trianezov - Consort: Drahomira Kosice
•Killian the Bruce - Consort: Persephone Maniglia
•Michael De Lace - Consort:Tetradia De Lace
•Richard le Wulf - Consort: Giuliana del Chiaro
•Danial Von Hessen - Consort:Ennelynne Von Hessen
•Subadai Baavgai - Consort: Zafira Bint Katz
•Owen Macpherson - Consort: Oriana Goldenhair
•Gunnar Oxnamegin - Consort: Chrysantha d’Argento(Laura Simmons)
•Pericles of Sparta - Consort: Tatiana Heinemann 
•Gilchrist the Black Dog - Consort: Haalfdan Eldinghogg

Praise be unto these mighty warriors and worthy consorts who this day stand forth, ready should fate and skill favor them upon the tourney field, to ensure our land is secure and strengthened come the day the Norns see fit to weave our end. As our swan song is sure to be sung on some great and glorious battlefield, fear not. That time is long to come.

But today, we look to the future and promise of our lands. Good fortune to those brave leaders of our realm who would fight to earn this burden.

For the Love of Trimaris - We are One - VIVAT!

~Valbrandr and Cerric, King and Queen of Trimaris