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Crown Lyst

Requirements for Crown Lyste - To Be Held November 11, 2017

Greetings Trimarians, One and All,
Trimaris is in need of Royal Heirs so that we may be secure in our legacy. A Crown Tournament at Martin Mass Moot will be held to find the strongest and the best to rule our fair lands.
The requirements for entrants are as follows:
  1. Both Entrant and Consort will have an AoA prior to Martin Mass Moot.
  2. Both must be members in good standing prior to Martin Mass Moot.
  3. All Participants must deliver a physical Letter of Intent to their Majesties no later than Wednesday, November 8th 2017. Letters can be delivered in person or via mail. No electronic letters or verbal requests will be accepted. We look forward to reading them. Both Entrant and Consort must be listed on the letter. Please include contact info and membership numbers at the bottom.
  4. Both will have a banner with their heraldic device and display such during the opening procession (devices need not be registered). Any style is acceptable: silk, painted fabric, painted wood, etc.
  5. Entrant will be authorized in all heavy weapon forms.
Tournament Rules will be:
  1. Standard Double Elimination Tournament.
  2. Best 2 out of 3 every round.
  3. Fighters will choose their weapon style the first 2 fights of a round. If the round is tied after 2 fights, then a tie breaker fight will be fought with a Great Weapon style determined by the Crown via randomizing means.
  4. The Crown will provide matched Great Weapons in the style of Poleaxe or Great Sword.
  5. All shields used will be tourney size: shoulder to shoulder and chin to crotch, but no larger. Shape is to be determined by the Entrant.
  6. Finals will be best 3 out of 5 fights, with entrants determining matched styles of each fight.
May your troubles be less and your blessings be more!

Franco                   Isabella
    Re                       Regina